Bloomfield Polo Club

NEW  for 2022!


Full-size grass polo field

~ready for play in July~ 

Sunday Feature Matches

Social Tailgate Memberships

Breaking Ground
Leveled and Seeded
Fly-over in November
Tiger Kneece

We are excited to welcome back polo professional Tiger Kneece who will be

working with us again this summer as manger of Bloomfield Polo and Polo

School, Instructor and Player. At the height of his career Tiger carried a 7-goal

handicap. He has a great deal of polo experience on the field as well as in

managment, coaching and lessons.  We are so happy to have Tiger with us

again to share his enthusiasm and expertise and to build upon the

foundation created last summer.


Current USPA membership required for all members


All player memberships include:

Arena practice chukker fees for full season (May-October)

Grass practice chukker fees for the full season

Margarita chukker fees (horse lease fees additional) 

Stick and ball by arrangement (arena and grass)

One designated tailgate spot at grass field (Sunday games)


Sunday Match Games will feature special event/tournament play and will be open to spectators.  Player membership does not guarantee play in Sunday matches.  Management will work to be as inclusive as possible within the parameters of the level of play.


Some Sunday matches will include Bloomfield Polo Club players by invitation of the management at no additional expense. Some Sunday matches will require additional event/tournament fees.


Adult Player Membership (before 2/28/22)                                                     $2,000  

Second family member adult membership                                                             $1,000


Adult Player Membership (after 2/28/22)                                                       $3,000  

Second family member adult membership                                                             $1,000


Youth Player Membership                                                                                 $  500

Special membership available to players under 21 

or fully matriculated undergraduate/graduate students           


Professional Player Membership                                                           

Membership fee waived for professional players 3-goals and up

To secure your membership check payable to BLOOMFIELD FARM may be mailed to Bloomfield Farm 18 Bloomfield Road, Saratoga Springs NY 12866 or payment may be sent via Venmo to @BloomfieldFarm


Practice chukkers                                              $15 per chukker arena/$25 per chukker grass    

Guest Team for Sunday Feature Match              $500 per 4 chukker match

Guest ½ Team Sunday Feature Match                $300 per 4 chukker match

Guest Player Sunday Feature                             $150  per 4 chukker match


SOCIAL TAILGATE MEMBERSHIP                                                                               $  250

Designated tailgate spot for spectator games (Sundays/some special events)

Limited to one vehicle. No additional parking available onsite for extra vehicles.

Additional tailgate spots can be reserved for specific dates in advance at a discounted rate

Tailgating is carry in-carry out.  

Number of memberships is limited and spectator opportunities without membership will be minimal.

Contact us to reserve your spot.  


Current “Non-competing” ($50) or "Full Player" ($200) USPA membership required for all members (


Membership includes:

Margarita League Coaching Chukkers on  Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30 pm

Kick off BBQ

End of summer Coaching League Tourney

Parking at barn w/pedestrian access to designated area for Sunday Feature Matches (Social Tailgate Memberships extra)


Full membership (school horse)                         $2400               $2875

Full membership (own horse)                            $1450                $1725


June/July only membership (school horse)         $1250                $1500

June/July only membership (own horse)             $750                 $900


August only membership (school horse)             $1150                $1375

August only membership: (own horse)               $700                 $825


Ala carte rate (school horse)                              $125 per Margarita League practice

Ala carte rate (own horse)                                 $75 per Margarita League practice




Current “Non-competing” USPA membership ($50) required for all members (


Full Membership:          $1100   ($1320)

June/July only:             $600     ($720)

August/Sept only:         $500     ($600)


Ala carte rate:               $60 per lesson


Membership includes:

(2) “Back in the Saddle Again” Group lessons: June 21 and 23 at 3:30 PM (afterschool)

Instruction/Chukkers:  Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30 AM beginning June 28

School horse

Kick off BBQ      

End of summer Kids Coaching League Tourney


Current “Non-competing” USPA membership ($50) required for all packages (


Ala carte          $75 per lesson

Package: 1x per week               June/July          $400     $450                             August  $325     $375                 

Package: 2x per week               June/July          $800     $900                            August  $650     $750



Current “Non-competing” USPA membership ($50) required for all packages (


Ala carte                                  $60 per lesson

Package: 1x per week               June/July          $300     $360                 August              $250     $300 

Package: 2x per week               June/July          $600     $900                August              $500     $750


Club Chukkers beginning May 10

Tuesdays         6 PM

Thursdays        6 PM 

Saturdays        10:30 AM


Practices will begin in the arena in May and will graduate to a mix of grass and arena throughout the summer.


Sunday Feature Matches/Special Events

5 PM on the Main Grass Field unless otherwise noted          


USPA Women’s Challenge Tournament (8-12 goal): Upstate Arena Challenge              June 25 & 26

Sunday Feature Match                                                                                               July 3

USPA National Youth Tournament Series: Upstate Youth Challenge                            July 9 & 10                     Sunday Feature Match                                                                                               July 17

Sunday Feature Match                                                                                               July 24

Sunday Feature Match                                                                                               July 31

Sunday Feature Match                                                                                               August 7

Sunday Feature Match                                                                                               August 14

Sunday Feature Match                                                                                               August 21

Sunday Feature Match                                                                                               August 28

Sunday Feature Match                                                                                               September 4

Sunday Feature Match                                                                                               September 11



  • All players must be current USPA members in good standing.  We appreciate you choosing Bloomfield Polo Club as your primary club as it helps us to successfully apply for USPA grants and programming support.

  • All players must sign 2022 WAIVER (link to printable waiver below or get one at the barn). 

  • HELMETS are REQUIRED by anyone on a horse at any time. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Players must comply with USPA NOCSAE helmet requirements.

  • ALL chukker signups will be made online using our online Chukker Signup Page.  Signup deadline is 5 pm the day before chukkers.

  • Please respect the 5 PM day before chukkers signup deadline as it allows us to get everyone a chukker schedule in advance and helps us all to be efficient. Providing the chukker schedule in advance is beneficial and appreciated by our members. 

  • If you have special requests such as early chukkers, late chukkers, green chukkers, please list it in the comments section when you signup and we will do our best to accommodate.  

  • Chukkers will begin promptly at the advertised time. 

  • Good sportsmanship is expected with the goal of fun friendly polo for all. 

  • Whites are required June-September 

  • Players should have a RED, a WHITE and a BLUE shirt available for each practice (not pink , gray, black etc...).

  • For safety players must wear either goggles or have a facemask (not a covid one!).  



A limited number of horses are available for lease by the chukker. Arrangements should be made with Tab Orthwein at 518-526-5705 BEFORE signing up for chukkers.


Horse lease for arena chukkers begins at $50 plus chukker fee. 


Horse lease for grass chukkers begins at $100 plus chukker fee. 



QUESTIONS?   If you have any questions please email or give us a call!   


Will Orthwein:  518-526-5708  Tab Orthwein:  518-526-5705