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2019 SEASON SCHEDULE            


Open Stick-n-ball       Saturday, May 3, 10 AM

(For Season Members who join by May 1)


Saturday, May 11:          5 PM Opening Day


May 14 - July 2:        Tuesdays at 6 PM.                                                Saturdays at 10 AM


July 9- Aug 27:         Tuesdays at 6 PM


Sept 3 - early Nov:     Tuesdays at 5:30 PM                                            Saturdays at 10 AM


Last year at Bloomfield Polo Club we welcomed over 40 players to our community chukker nights in addition to hosting the USPA Feldman Cup and hosting the Skidmore Polo Club Varsity men's and women's home games and practices and their JV and Beginner programs.  



There is no increase in season membership or chukker fees for the 2019 season.


Season Membership includes chukker fees for all organized chukkers throughout the season and stick and ball privileges.


Season memberships may be purchased on or before May 13th.  Those who have purchased prior to May 1 are invited to stick-n-ball on Saturday, May 3 at 10 AM.


Payment may be made with cash or check payable to Bloomfield Farm. 


Adult Season Membership: $1,000 per player.  


Junior Season Membership: $400 per player.  Junior membership eligibility extends through summer after senior year of undergraduate college. 


Skidmore Polo Varsity Membership: In the Fall Bloomfield Polo Club chukkers and Skidmore/EPIC horses are included with your Varsity Skidmore Polo Dues. Students interested in playing during the summer would be eligible for junior membership (see above) or may pay per chukker rates and would be responsible for providing your own horses. JV students or Varsity who access horses from other sources will pay the per chukker rate listed below for those chukkers.


Per Chukker Play: $15 per chukker. Chukker fees must be paid on day chukkers are played (cash or check payable to Bloomfield Farm). 



  • All players must be current USPA members in good standing: Join/Renew USPA here.

  • All players must sign a 2019 WAIVER (print here or get one at the barn). 

  • ALL chukker signups will be made online using our Chukker SignUpGenius form.  

  • Signups must be made by 5 pm the day before the chukkers.  Please respect this deadline as it allows us to get everyone a chukker schedule in advance and helps us all to be efficient. Providing the chukker schedule in advance is beneficial and appreciated by our members.

  • If you have a special request ie...early chukkers, late chukkers, green chukkers, please list it in the comments section when you signup and we will do our best to accommodate. 

  • Chukkers will begin promptly at the advertised time.

  • Good sportsmanship is expected with the goal of fun friendly polo for all.

  • WHITES are required.

  • HELMETS are REQUIRED by ANYONE on a horse at ANY time. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Players should have a RED, a WHITE and a BLUE shirt available for each practice.

  • We ask that everyone wear either a facemask or goggles.   



 If you have any questions please give us a call!  Will Orthwein:  518-526-5708    Tab Orthwein:  518-526-5705




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