Meet the Ponies


HUGH HEF ~ Gelding, born 2010. Hugh is a muscular powerhouse who has a lot of heart and is a very promising addition to Will's string.


TONIA ~ Mare, born 1996. Will's beloved 6th chukker girl. She's our oldest pony and is as round, gorgeous and competitive as always. Tab hopes she's as bad ass as Tonia when she's an old lady!


STARLIT ~ Mare, born 1995. Tab's little motorcycle. Easy to hit off and fun, fun, fun to play. Our "Tiny Dancer..." has an extra job of being last on the trailer and squishing everyone in to make room for her spot. An Orthwein homebred pony.


RIO ~ Mare, born 1999. A steady pony with a lot of heart who is forever grateful to Will for saving her eye after an injury many years ago. Pony theme song: "Rio" "Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand Just like that river twists across a dusty land And when she shines she really shows you all she can…."--Duran Duran


NITRO ~ Mare, born 1996. This powerful lady has held the 5th chukker post in Will's line up for many years. Pony theme song: Brick House “She’s a brick house. Mighty might just lettin’ it all hang out. She’s a brick house. The lady’s stacked and that’s a fact, ain’t holding nothing back.” -Lionel Richie


FANTASIA ~ Mare, born 2004. This talented mare joined the Bloomfield string in 2017 and is one that both Tab & Will play.


CHUCK NORRIS ~ aka Chuckles ~ Gelding, born 2010. This is the biggest guy in our string, played by both Will and Tab. He's constant entertainment around the barn for his goofy pay-attention-to-me personality.


EREBUS ~ Gelding, born 2009. This gentle giant came into his own during the 2017 season and became one of Tab's favorites. He's named after Erebus Mt on the eastern shore of Lake George because his withers/back are the same shape as the mountain.


FedEx ~ Mare, born 2002. This pony always delivers and she looks gorgeous while she's doing it! She's a very special and talented veteran pony in Tab's string.


MIA ~ Mare, born 2010. Mia is a homebred pony. She's small, handy and quick and is rapidly becoming one of Will's favorite rides.


MESMORIAH ~ aka Mesmo ~ Mare, born 2010. Mesmo's dam was one of Will's all-time favorite ponies, Moriah. Mesmo was born at Bloomfield Farm and matured nicely in 2017 and is playing for Will. She's very smart and mischievous and frequently opens electric fence gates by putting the handle in her mouth and seems to enjoying freeing her pasture mates for a romp around the farm.


FOXY ~ Mare, born 2010. Foxy is a homebred pony. She's one that both Will and Tab play, but in 2017 became one of Tab's favorites and she lobbies hard to keep Foxy in her string!

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